Workplace safety isn’t done, and there’s still a lot left to do.

In this issue of the NSC’s Safety and Health Magazine, Barry Bottino provides a great summary of a recent CDC survey on workplace health and safety.  Of the great info in the article (which is worth a read for safety professionals and business leaders alike), a couple of points stuck out to us in particular:

  • When discussing worksite health and safety programs, the CDC’s Jason Lang said, “…we still have less than half the employers who have these kinds of programs. We have seen growth, but there’s a lot of growing left to do.”
  • CDC researchers found that nearly 40% (35.6%) of workplaces have “no budget for their programs.”

Do your worksites have health and safety programs focused on total worker wellness or do they have safety rules and regulations designed only to be compliant?

Statistics show that health and safety budgets can have a 4-6x ROI and a 20-40% reduction of the costs of injuries and illnesses (source), however, OSHA recently reported that 14 workers are killed every day (more than 5,000 annually) and 3.6 million are injured (source), despite the huge strides made since the OSH Act was passed.  The bottom line is simple: your company can’t afford not to invest in worker safety and wellness.  Safety isn’t an expense.

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